3d Laser Scanning & Robotic Total Station Layout tools

Our Trimble RTS 673 Total Station aids in field layout to ensure accurate placement of fabricated steelwork.

Using the latest Trimble X7 laser scanning technology allows us to capture data from field conditions before commencing detailing work and allowing as built field conditions to be considered to reduce field work as steel is detailed and manufactured with field conditions built in, increasing the overall accuracy and quality of our work.

Detailing (Drafting)

We use Tekla Structures and Advance Steel in our in house detailing department where we produce detailed shop drawings for fabrication and installation. We work closely with the project architects and engineers to try and eliminate redundancies and reduce inaccuracy.


Our large capacity shop and yard enable us to easily handle large, long, and heavy components. We like to be challenged. Our passion is to provide quality and craftsmanship on custom, labor-intense projects.  


Our shop is certified to Division 2 CWB (Canadian Welding Bureau) with fully qualified welders and welding supervisors.

Sandblasting & Painting

We have an in-house sandblasting department and can prepare our steel surfaces properly and efficiently to receive the specified primer. Our shop priming capabilities range from standard alkyd to exotic epoxies. We can also provide shop applied finish paint systems as required.

Field Installation

Our qualified installation crews can safely and efficiently erect steelwork for the simplistic to the most technically demanding projects.